3 Reasons to Use the Gig Economy to Find Shift Workers

While hiring seasonal employees can help you navigate your busy season, that's not your only option. An on-demand workforce can meet the seasonal needs of your business without the demands of the interview and hiring process.

Seasonal workers are a saving grace for many businesses. They help manage the demand that comes with vacationers, day trippers, and locals who just want to enjoy what their town has to offer.

Headaches aside, hiring full-time employees is a time consuming process

What if we told you there's a simpler way to find high-quality shift workers?

On-demand workforce solutions - like gig economy apps - are becoming increasingly popular as they alleviate the hassle of hiring.

What is an "On-Demand Workforce"?

An on-demand workforce is one composed of gig economy workers, also known as freelancers or independent contractors.

Gig economy solutions have become the new normal across industries such as transportation, grocery delivery, food and beverage, and more.

Although other industries have leveraged an on-demand workforce for some time now, the hospitality industry is still adopting this concept. Businesses are turning to more traditional methods of finding hourly workers, such as job boards (Indeed, Monster, Linkedin) or staffing agencies.

Before you post on a job board or work with a staffing agency, consider the benefits of an on-demand workforce.

Find Shift Workers Fast

Gig economy solutions establish an easily accessible network of individuals who are willing and able to work. That means no more sifting through resumes and applications or scheduling countless interviews just to end up back at square one.

We know what you might be thinking...how do I know whether someone’s a good fit without the interview process?!

User profiles are becoming more and more detailed, allowing users to speak to their experience, certifications, achievements, and more. Additionally, many gig economy apps screen users for experience and quality before they can begin working through the platform. Some even require users to pass a background check.

More Cost-Effective Than Traditional Methods

Hiring an hourly employee costs approximately 1.25 to 1.40 times the rate you're looking to pay them. In other words, it will cost you between $18.25 to $21 to hire an employee earning $15 per hour.

And if you're using a staffing agency, this number increases to $26.25. Many agencies charge up to a 75% markup for temporary workers -- and that's before the placement fee!

When you use an on-demand workforce, you only pay once you've found the help you need. And many will not charge you until the work has been complete successfully.

Interested in learning more about the cost benefits an on-demand workforce has to offer? Check out our recent blog post on why it pays to use the gig economy?

Find Flexible Shift Workers to Meet Your Evolving Needs

A major benefit of on-demand workforce solutions is that they can be as flexible as your business needs to be.

Hiring full-time employees means that you need to carefully balance allocating hours and days off across your staff. This can become a tricky situation -- and that's before workers start to request more hours, swap shifts, or take a vacation.

Gig economy apps attract workers due to the flexibility they offer -- and the same goes for businesses. On-demand workforce solutions enable you to supplement or cut back on your headcount with ease.

That means when business slows down, you can decrease your manpower without affecting the regular paycheck a full-time employee expects.

Meet Your Demands On-Demand

The hospitality industry is inherently dynamic, with fluctuating customer and seasonal demands.

While you might want to find seasonal employees too help you navigate busy season, that's not your only option. An on-demand workforce can meet the seasonal needs of your business without the demands of the interview and hiring process.

Through gig economy platforms, workers can enjoy flexible schedules and extra income while businesses can fulfill workforce requirements more cost-effectively.

Although your seasonal workforce might be heading back to school, your business - and customers - aren't going anywhere.

As you look to fill in your business' staffing gaps, don't forget about the benefits an on-demand workforce has to offer.

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