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With shiftNOW, businesses can instantly access high-quality, temporary workers ready to fill open positions for short-term, long term or even last-minute needs.

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The Right Worker. The Right Shift. Right NOW.

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Expand Your Capacity

Access a network of high-quality, vetted shift workers who are available when you need them.

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Know Your Shifters

Watch personalized Shifter profile videos and review Shifter ratings to understand who you’re selecting.

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Minimize Your Risk

Trial run workers before hiring and bring Shifters you like onboard full-time without a placement fee.


Why Our Clients Love Us

It has been a giant help. With 20 to 30 percent of our seasonal staff being gig economy workers and temporary workers, it has been a lifesaver.
Saltwater Cowboys
The people who were sent to Ghost Kitchen were excellent workers. Much better than I am used to seeing.
Ghost Kitchen
I can’t believe the response time after posting our shift! Really glad we did this.
Food & Beverage Manager
The Loutrel
Our first shiftNOW shift went really great! Our Shifter worked very hard and did a great job.
Food & Beverage Manager
Shem Creek Crab House
Thank you for all of the hard work and teamwork shiftNOW brought to the table. I personally had great experiences with the Shifters I worked with, so thank you for that!
Partnerships Manager
Charleston Wine and Food
Overall, the quality of the Shifters was fantastic, so mission accomplished! We’re looking forward to using shiftNOW again next time we need temporary workers!
Front of House Manager
Spike by Snyder
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proud members of

South Carolina Restaurant and Lodging AssociationLowcountry Hospitality Association

Built for Hospitality.
Trusted by Hospitality.

& Bars

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Fill the Front of the House, Back of the House, and everything in between with ease.

& Resorts

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Streamline your temporary workforce needs with a one-stop solution for any shift help you might need.


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Resource your temporary workforce for your various businesses with an easy-to-use, streamlined solution.

Event Venues
& Catering

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Reduce overhead costs and hiring headaches by tapping into a flexible, temporary workforce built on quality.

Golf Courses
& Country Clubs

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Provide high-quality experiences with our high-quality workforce. 

trusted by

Hall Management GroupSaltwater Cowboys on Shem CreekBrays Island PlantationCharleston Wine & FoodSpike by Snyder

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a charge to create a shiftNOW business account?

No. Creation of a shiftNOW Business Account is free. You will only be charged when you post a shift on the shiftNOW platform. These charges include the Shift Amount and the shiftNOW Service Fee.

The Shift Amount is how much a Shifter is paid for a posted shift. This is calculated by multiplying the shift rate by the shift hours.

The shiftNOW Service Fee is a nominal fee that is applied to every posted shift. This fee is a percentage of the Shift Amount. The shiftNOW Service Fee is calculated by multiplying the Shift Amount by the Service Fee percentage.

Do I need to download the mobile app?

No. shiftNOW clients access the shiftNOW platform exclusively through the web application: app.shiftnow.com.

How do I set up my payment information on shiftNOW?

Payment information for your Business Account is set up through the shiftNOW web application which integrates with the Stripe Customer Portal. 

The Stripe Customer Portal is a hosted portal that allows you to manage your payment method details, subscriptions, billing details, and invoices yourself.

Can anyone apply to be a Shifter?

Everyone who downloads the shiftNOW mobile app undergoes a thorough, 1:1 vetting process conducted by a member of the shiftNOW team before becoming eligible to apply for a shift.

What types of work can I post on shiftNOW?

The shiftNOW platform supports a number of different types of work. This currently includes:

  • Concessions, Cook, Prep Cook, Line Cook, Event Cook, Dishwasher, FOH Support, Host/Hostess, Merchandising, Runner, Server, Server Assistant, Stage, Grillmaster, Busser, Bartender (beer/wine), Bartender (liquor/beer/wine), Event Server, Housekeeper, Janitorial
How do I start posting shifts?

Before you can start posting shifts, you must set up your payment information. Once your payment information has been provided:

  1. Click Post A Shift
  2. Create your shift type
  3. Select the date of your shift as well as the start and end time
  4. Provide the hourly wage your business will pay
  5. Provide any relevant instructions to the Shifter through the "Shifter Instructions" section
Are there any limitations on how much a Shifter can be paid or how many hours a Shifter can work?

Yes. All shifts posted through shiftNOW must pay a minimum of $15 per hour and be at least four (4) hours in length.

How do I add multiple users to my Business Account?

To add multiple users, select “Users” on the left-hand side of your Business Account. Select “Add User” from the top right corner of your screen. From there, you can add desired users and assign their roles as either a Client Admin or Location Manager.

Can I hire a Shifter to work at my business full-time?

Yes. shiftNOW’s platform allows Shifters to indicate whether they’re temporary workers or open to full-time opportunities. If you’re satisfied with a Shifter’s performance and would like to add them to your staff full-time you may do so without incurring a placement fee.

Large-Scale Needs?

shiftNOW’s Shift Management Services are an elevated client experience offering white-glove shift management from start to finish.

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A large variety of different shift worker silhouettes

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