shiftNOW Set Up

How do I access shiftNOW?

To create a shiftNOW Business Account, visit From there, you will be directed to set up your Business Account by providing the following information:

  1. Business Name
  2. Business Location
  3. Business Address
  4. Payment Information
  5. Client Logo
  6. Location Description

Your Business Account is accessible via your mobile or desktop browser.

Do I need to download the mobile app?

No. shiftNOW clients access the shiftNOW platform exclusively through the web application:

How do I add multiple users to my Business Account?

Clients can generate a unique link to invite users to their Business Account. To add multiple users to your Business Account, follow the steps below:

  • Generate Invite User to Client Link
  • Copy User to Client Link
  • Distribute link via text or email to your desired users

What if my business has multiple locations?

You can post shifts across multiple locations through your Business Account. Separate locations will be consolidated under one Business Account.

You can create multiple locations through your Business Account or, you can reach out to the shiftNOW team and we can create the additional locations for you (free of charge).

Account Payments Set Up and Information

Is there a charge to create a shiftNOW Business Account?

No. Creation of a shiftNOW Business Account is free. You will only be charged when you post a shift on the shiftNOW platform. These charges include the Shift Amount and the shiftNOW Service Fee.

How do I set up my payment information on shiftNOW?

Payment information for your Business Account is set up through the shiftNOW web application which integrates with the Stripe Customer Portal. 

The Stripe Customer Portal is a hosted portal that allows you to manage your payment method details, subscriptions, billing details, and invoices yourself

Do I need to create a Stripe account?

No. When you create a shiftNOW Business Account, a corresponding client account is automatically created in Stripe. You can use the shiftNOW web app to launch the Stripe Customer Portal and provide your payment information. 

What type of payment methods can I use for my Business Account?

The Stripe Customer Portal, which integrates with the shiftNOW web application for payment purposes, supports ACH direct debit and cards.

What precautions does shiftNOW take to secure my bank information?

shiftNOW integrates with Stripe, a suite of APIs powering online payment processing and commerce solutions for internet businesses of all sizes. 

Stripe’s security tools and best practices ensure that your sensitive information is safely stored and encrypted. To understand how Stripe protects your data, visit

If my business has multiple locations, do I need to set up multiple account payments?

No. Separate business locations are consolidated under one Business Account. You cannot utilize separate payment methods for separate business locations.

Charges & Fees

What is the Shift Amount?

The Shift Amount is how much a Shifter is paid for a posted shift. This is calculated by multiplying the shift rate by the shift hours.

Does shiftNOW charge any additional fees?

Yes. The following fees are currently active on the shiftNOW platform:

  • shiftNOW Service Fee: A nominal fee that is applied to every posted shift. This fee is a percentage of the Shift Amount. The shiftNOW Service Fee is calculated by multiplying the Shift Amount by the Service Fee percentage.

When does my account get charged?

shiftNOW will charge your payment account the Shift Amount and the shiftNOW Service Fee when you pay out your Shifter.

Shifter Vetting Process

Can anyone apply to be a Shifter?

Everyone who downloads the shiftNOW mobile app undergoes a thorough, 1:1 vetting process conducted by a member of the shiftNOW team before becoming eligible to apply for a shift.

What does ‘Verified’ mean?

A verified Shifter is an hourly worker that has completed the shiftNOW vetting process and has been deemed a quality candidate. 

How can I tell if a Shifter is verified?

Verified Shifters have a blue checkmark on their profile. Since only verified Shifters can apply to shifts, you will never interact with an unverified applicant. 

Is there a minimum age requirement to become a Shifter?

All shiftNOW Shifters must be at least 18 years of age.

Posting Shifts

How do I start posting shifts?

Before you can start posting shifts, you must set up your payment information. Once your payment information has been provided:

  1. Click Post a Shift
  2. Create your shift type
  3. Select the date of your shift as well as the start and end time
  4. Provide the hourly wage your business will pay
  5. Provide any relevant instructions to the Shifter through the ‘Shifter Instructions’ section

What types of shifts can I post on shiftNOW?

The shiftNOW platform supports a number of different shift types. This currently includes:

  • Concessions, Cook, Prep Cook, Line Cook, Event Cook, Dishwasher, FOH Support, Host/Hostess, Merchandising, Runner, Server, Server Assistant, Stage, Grillmaster, Busser, Bartender (beer/wine), Bartender (liquor/beer/wine), Event Server, Housekeeper, Janitorial

Are there any limitations on how much a Shifter can be paid?

Yes. All shifts posted through shiftNOW must pay a minimum of $15 per hour.

Are there any limitations on the number of hours a Shifter can work?

Yes. All shifts posted through shiftNOW must be at least four (4) hours in length.

Are there any limitations on the number of shifts I can post?

No. You may post as many shifts as you need to be filled on shiftNOW. 

Can I add instructions and/or shift details to my shift?

Yes. When posting a shift, you have the option to provide additional information in the ‘Description’ and ‘Shifter Instructions’ sections.

  • Description Example: Sam’s Event Service is a premier event vendor in the Lowcountry. During this shift, you’ll help us set up and break down 8x10 rounds at a wedding for 150 guests. 
  • Shifter Instructions Example: Park in the lot out front and ask for John B. upon arrival. Wear all black.

Can I edit a shift that has already been posted?

Clients may only edit Shifter Instructions on a posted shift. The following information cannot be edited on a posted shift:

  • Shift Date
  • Shift Type
  • Shift Amount

Selecting a Shifter

How do I view applicants and select a Shifter?

To view your shift’s applications:

  • Select ‘Shifts’ in the shiftNOW web application to view your active shift postings
  • Click on the number of applicants to see who has applied to your shift
  • Select individual Shifter profiles to review their information
  • Click ‘Accept’ for the Shifter you’d like to hire for your open shift

Can I communicate with my selected Shifter through the platform?

No. The shiftNOW platform does not currently support client/Shifter communication.

What does ‘Holding’ mean?

After you have selected a Shifter to fill your open shift, the remainder of the applications will display as ‘Holding’. This means that these Shifters were not selected for the shift, but they are available to fill in should your originally accepted Shifter become unavailable.

Shifter Payments & Reviews

When do I pay a Shifter?

At the end of your Shifter’s shift, you will be prompted via text notification to pay out your Shifter. 

Will I receive an invoice for Shifter payments?

Yes. Following the conclusion of a shift, you will be prompted to pay out your Shifter. Following the conclusion of a shift, an invoice will become available in your Stripe account. Your invoice history is also accessible through your Stripe account.

Invoices reflect the total amount due for payout to a Shifter, including the Shift Amount and shiftNOW Service Fee. 

Invoices reflect the business location where the shift was completed, the shift date, time, type, and the Shifter.

Will I receive a receipt after I pay out a Shifter?

Yes. Once you have paid out your Shifter, you can download a detailed receipt from your Stripe account. 

Receipts reflect the total amount paid out to a Shifter, including the Shift Amount and shiftNOW Service Fee. 

Invoices reflect the business location where the shift was completed, the shift date, time, type, and the Shifter.

How are tips handled?

It’s up to the client to determine whether you want the Shifter to be eligible for any staff-distributed tips. This cannot be handled through the shiftNOW platform - it must be handled by the Shifter and the client directly.

We encourage you to include any relevant information about your tipping policies in the description of your shift posting.

Can I tip a Shifter if I’m satisfied with their work?

Shifter tipping is not supported through the shiftNOW platform. 

If you’re satisfied with a Shifter’s performance, we encourage you to rate them after the completion of their shift. Shifter ratings are displayed on their profile and are an important consideration for businesses when selecting Shifters.

What does ‘Needs Review’ mean?

Once a Shifter has completed their shift, their status will update to ‘Needs Review,’ reminding you to rate your Shifter (1-5 stars).

Cancellation Policy

What if my Shifter cancels?

If your accepted Shifter cancels, you will be notified via text and sent a URL from which you can select another Shifter.

If you do not select another Shifter, and your shift goes unfilled as a result, you will not be charged the shiftNOW service fee.

Can I cancel a posted shift?

Yes. Clients may cancel a posted shift; however, the shiftNOW Service Fee will not be refunded in this event. 

If a shift is canceled within 24 hours of its start time, the Shift Amount and shiftNOW Service Fee will be deducted from your account. Our Shifters plan their days around the shifts they sign up for and, as a result, we believe in compensating them for this time.

Can I delete my Business Account?

To have your Business Account deleted, contact

Shift Fulfillment

What if my Shifter doesn’t show up?

When a Shifter application is accepted, shiftNOW collects payment of the shiftNOW Service Fee and the Shift Amount. In the event that your Shifter does not show up for their shift, shiftNOW will refund you both the Service Fee and the Shift Amount.

What if no Shifters apply for a shift?

If no Shifters apply for your shift, resulting in the shift going unfilled, shiftNOW will refund you the service fee.


Is the shiftNOW Service Fee ever refunded?

The following scenarios address when a shiftNOW Service may or may not be refunded:

  • If no Shifters apply for a shift and the shift goes unfilled, shiftNOW will refund the client the Service Fee once the originally determined shift end time occurs. 
  • If a shift goes unfilled due to a Shifter cancellation and the client not accepting another Shifter, shiftNOW will refund the Service Fee after the originally determined shift end time occurs
  • If a client cancels a shift, shiftNOW will not refund the Service Fee. 
  • If a client cancels a shift within 24 hours of the start time, shiftNOW will not refund the Service Fee or the Shift Amount. The accepted Shifter will be paid the originally determined Shift Amount.

Platform Notifications

What type of notifications will I receive from the shiftNOW platform?

Clients will be notified of the following activities:

  • When a Shifter applies for your open shift 
  • When a Shifter cancels on your shift 
  • When it is time to pay your Shifter following the completion of their shift 

Shifter Satisfaction

Can I hire a Shifter to work at my business full-time?

Yes. shiftNOW’s platform allows Shifters to indicate whether they’re open to full-time opportunities. If you’re satisfied with a Shifter’s performance and would like to add them to your staff permanently, you may do so without incurring a placement fee.

How can I provide feedback on my Shifter?

Clients can rate their Shifters once a shift ends. We strongly encourage clients to rate Shifters as these ratings are displayed on Shifter profiles. This will help other businesses understand a Shifter’s performance before hiring them. 

If I have an issue with my Shifter, who do I contact?

In the event that you need to discuss a Shifter’s performance or behavior, you may reach out to the shiftNOW team at