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Cha-ching! Top Gig Apps That Pay Same Day

Gig economy apps offer users a number of benefits -- one of the best being instant access to earnings!

Hiring a Dishwasher: How Much to Pay & Interview Tips

Dishwashers play a pivotal role in the success of any kitchen. Here are best practices to keep in mind as you look for your next back-of-house superstar.

Sourcing Scheduling Solutions: Sling vs. ScheduleFly

Efficient employee scheduling is the linchpin that keeps operations running smoothly for businesses. As the demand for streamlined workforce management continues to grow, so does the plethora of scheduling apps vying for attention. 

HotSchedules vs. Harri: Comparing Scheduling Platforms

Before you onboard a scheduling solution, take into account your business's needs and whether a solution will fulfill or exacerbate those needs.

Software Comparison: HotSchedules and 7Shifts

Businesses within the food and beverage industry are increasingly leveraging technology solutions to enable them to make informed, data-driven decisions about their scheduling. 

Why it Pays to Use the Gig Economy

While you may want to rely on full-time employees completely, gig economy workers could be a more cost-effective workforce option for your business.

How to Hire Restaurant Staff: Tips and Tricks for Success

With labor shortages creating significant operational hurdles, restaurants are struggling more than ever to fill their teams with skilled and reliable individuals.

Kitchen Staff Hiring: Innovative Strategies for 2024

Kitchen staff are pivotal to the success of a dining establishment; however, finding and hiring the best kitchen staff is easier said than done. 

shiftNOW Brings its Flexible Hourly Workforce to Atlanta, Georgia

shiftNOW now serves Atlanta, GA, providing its wide breadth of hourly shift types to the city's diverse offering of world-class restaurants, professional sports teams, nightlife, and attractions.
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2023’s 23 Best Places to Work

A great working environment empowers you to do great work! We've compiled a list of 2023's Best Places to Work according to Shifter ratings.
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How Much Should I Pay a Line Cook?

A line cook is an essential ingredient in the recipe for a successful kitchen. However, determining the cost of bringing a skilled line cook goes beyond just their pay.
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3 Reasons to Use the Gig Economy to Find Shift Workers

While hiring seasonal employees can help you navigate your busy season, that's not your only option. An on-demand workforce can meet the seasonal needs of your business without the demands of the interview and hiring process.