Indeed vs. ZipRecruiter: Which is Better for Streamlining Hiring?

Finding the right hiring platform depends on various needs your business may have.

Indeed vs. ZipRecruiter

When searching for the perfect candidate, employers have an array of online platforms to choose from. 

With the rise of online recruitment platforms and job boards, employers have turned to Indeed and ZipRecruiter as key tools in their talent acquisition arsenal. Both platforms aim to connect employers with potential hires, but they possess unique features and approaches.

In this blog, we’ll explore the unique advantages and drawbacks of using Indeed and ZipRecruiter to hire workers, shedding light on the functionality and costs associated with each.


Indeed is an employment website that allows job seekers to search millions of jobs across the world. At the same time, more than 3 million employers leverage the platform to find and hire new employees for their businesses. 


  • Extensive Candidate Pool: Indeed is renowned for its vast database of job seekers, covering a broad spectrum of industries and roles. Employers can explore a diverse array of potential candidates, from entry-level professionals to seasoned industry veterans.
  • User-Friendly Job Posting: Indeed boasts a user-friendly interface for employers, facilitating easy navigation and efficient management of job postings. The straightforward process allows for quick and efficient recruitment efforts as jobs can be posted in a matter of minutes.
  • Global Recruitment Reach: With a presence in over 60 countries and support for multiple languages, Indeed provides a global platform for employers seeking domestic or international talent.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Indeed’s mobile app facilitates on-the-go hiring for employers, allowing them to post roles, review candidates, and make hiring decisions with a few clicks on their phone.


  • High Competition: The popularity of Indeed can result in high competition for applicants, making it crucial for employers to craft compelling job listings that entice job seekers to apply.
  • Volume of Applications: While posting roles on Indeed can attract a large volume of applicants, sorting through those applications can be time-consuming. Effective filtering and screening mechanisms carry significant importance for employers when posting roles.


ZipRecruiter is an online employment marketplace powered by AI-driven smart matching technology that connects businesses with job seekers, making hiring and finding a job more efficient.


  • Simple Application Process: ZipRecruiter simplifies the application process for candidates with its one-click application feature, making it easier for employers to receive applications from interested candidates.
  • Smart Matching Technology: The advanced algorithm ZipRecruiter uses matches employers with workers based on specific job requirements, streamlining the recruitment process.
  • Centralized Dashboard: ZipRecruiter’s unified dashboard allows businesses to manage their active postings, track applicants, and effectively navigate the hiring process.
  • Mobile-Friendly Recruitment: The ZipRecruiter mobile app ensures that hiring managers can navigate their hiring needs within their device anytime, anywhere.


  • Smaller Candidate Pool: While ZipRecruiter offers a substantial number of job seekers, but it’s a slightly smaller pool compared to Indeed, limiting the variety of available candidates.
  • Primarily Paid Service: ZipRecruiter operates on a subscription model with limited free features, posing a challenge to any business with a tight budget. 

Associated Costs


  • Basic Job Posting: Posting jobs on Indeed is generally free for employers, but the platform offers paid options, such as Sponsored Jobs, to increase visibility.
  • Resume Database Access: Employers can access resumes on Indeed by subscribing to the Resume Database, which comes with a monthly fee.


  • Subscription Plans: ZipRecruiter’s subscription plans cater to businesses with varying needs and pricing depending on the desired service level. 
  • Job Boosts: Employers can enhance the visibility of their job listings through paid options like Job Boosts, incurring an additional cost. 

App Store Ratings

Although the Indeed and ZipRecruiter mobile apps are used by job seekers only, it’s important to understand the user experience that each platform offers before you decide whether to utilize one over the other. 

Indeed App Store Ratings

The Indeed Job Search mobile app has received more than 217,000 ratings in the Apple App Store. Currently, the app has an average rating of 4.7 stars.

Within the Google Play Store, the app has an average rating of 4.7 stars after receiving 5.48 million reviews and more than 100 million downloads.

Positive feedback on the Indeed Job Search mobile app includes:

  • Up-to-date and new job postings
  • Easy to apply to jobs with your Indeed resume
  • Well organized and user-friendly

Negative feedback on the Indeed Job Search mobile app includes:

  • Filtering issues
  • Job posting scams 
  • Lack of communication after submitting an application

ZipRecruiter App Store Ratings

The ZipRecruiter Job Search app currently has an average rating of 4.7 stars and has received over 15,700 ratings in the Apple App Store. 

The app has an average rating of 4.8 stars in the Google Play Store. It has received over 378,000 reviews and 10 million downloads.

Positive feedback on the ZipRecruiter Job Search mobile app includes:

  • Notification of an application views
  • One-tap to apply feature
  • AI-assisted job search results

Negative feedback on the ZipRecruiter Job Search mobile app includes:

  • Doesn’t always show the best matches in some job searches
  • Lack of filters to narrow job search
  • Difficulties with the app loading and freezing

Account Support

Indeed Account Support

Indeed offers job posters an Employer Help Center to help navigate common questions and issues. 

Within this resource center, employers can find answers to commonly asked questions related to:

  • Getting started with an account
  • Posting a job
  • Sponsoring a job
  • Indeed policies
  • Billing
  • Account information

ZipRecruiter Account Support

Like Indeed, ZipRecruiter also offers an Employer Help Center which helps job posters find product help related to the following topics:

  • Account setup 
  • Getting started with an account
  • Job posting plans
  • Managing candidates
  • Partnerships
  • Posting and managing jobs
  • Subscription and billing
  • The resume database

Employers who need further assistance from the ZipRecruiter team can create a customer support ticket or leverage the website’s live chat feature.

Indeed vs. ZipRecruiter Comparison Matrix

Feature Indeed ZipRecruiter
Candidate Pool Extensive, diverse range of industries and roles Substantial but smaller compared to Indeed
Job Posting Ease User-friendly interface for efficient job posting Simple application process with one-click feature
Global Reach Available in over 60 countries, multiple languages Focused primarily on the U.S. market
Mobile Accessibility Mobile app for on-the-go hiring Mobile-friendly with efficient navigation app
Competition and Volume High competition, large volume of applications Smaller volume, more focused applications
Cost for Basic Job Posting Free with optional paid visibility features Subscription-based with limited free features
Advanced Features Sponsored Jobs, Resume Database Access Smart matching technology, Job Boosts
Indeed vs ZipRecruiter Pricing Free basic posting, paid options for increased visibility Subscription model with various pricing levels depending on services required

What’s Next?

Online job platforms are constantly iterating, evolving, and adopting new technological developments to better meet the needs of employers and job seekers alike. So, what can you expect to see become more commonplace on these platforms?

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: AI and ML are being integrated into hiring platforms to help streamline the hiring process by screening results, matching candidates to posting, and predicting candidate success based on historical data.
  • Video Interviews and Assessments: Video interviews and assessments have become more prevalent within online job platforms as a means to enable employers to “meet” candidates before moving them any further along in the hiring process. These tools help provide a comprehensive view of a candidate’s personality, communication skills, and whether or not they’re a culture fit.
  • Gig Economy Integration: Given the rise of the gig economy, some recruitment platforms are adapting to include short-term or project-based opportunities. Gig economy platforms allow businesses to find workers on an as-needed basis and eliminate the time-consuming steps that come with the hiring process as gig workers are independent contractors.

Choosing the Right Platform for Your Business

For businesses seeking to streamline their hiring process, the choice between Indeed and ZipRecruiter boils down to specific industry needs, recruitment strategies, and budget constraints. 

While Indeed offers an extensive talent pool and localized search options, ZipRecruiter stands out with a user-friendly interface, smart matching technology, and an efficient application process. 

Employers should carefully assess their hiring requirements to determine which platform aligns best with their goals in the ever-evolving landscape of hiring.

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